Emily Siegel Health Practices, LLC

Reduce Stress, Revitalize Health
Emily Siegel, PhD MPH LMT
Session length and timing depends on the individual needs of the client.  I offer hour and longer sessions for adults and shorter sessions for children.  The majority of my clients come once or twice a month.  Although I am happy to offer one-time sessions, I am able to support my clients best when we meet consecutively for several months.  Sessions are tailored to address individual client goals and typically incorporate a combination of therapeutic modalities.  Clients enjoy my integrated approach and my ability to incorporate an element of adventure into each session.  Our session work allows clients to reduce obstacles that prevent them from realizing their full potential.  

I prefer cash or check at the time of service; however, I have a PayPal option for phone sessions and others in need of this option.
Session Price
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