Emily Siegel Health Practices, LLC

Reduce Stress, Revitalize Health
Emily Siegel, PhD MPH LMT
Nutrition and Health Counseling

Imagine what  life would be like if you were to experience clear thinking, energy, and excitement every day.

My approach to nutrition counseling is holistic and individual.  I emphasize whole foods and examine each person's nutritional needs based on my client's health history, level of stress, age, activity level, blood type, metabolic rate, and personal preferences.  

I specialize in helping clients: 

*Understand and reduce cravings.

*Explore how food affects their mood and ability to think.

*Increase their energy.

*Feel better in their body.

Food changes everything. As my clients' daily diet changes, their bodies change and their happiness improves. 

We are fed by our relationships, our careers, regular physical activity, and a spiritual practice as much as we are by food.  Food is key for helping us think clearly, take action, and maintain the stamina needed for fulfilling our purpose.  Often my role as a nutrition counselor is to support my clients with achieving balance in their lives, while coaching them to discriminate between the myriad of available food choices. 

"Emily has a keen sense of listening and a unique sensitivity that enables her to easily connect with, and gain the trust of, individuals from diverse backgrounds."  CC, Spanish Language Instructor, Translator, Teacher
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