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Reduce Stress, Revitalize Health
Emily Siegel, PhD MPH LMT

My mission is to offer precise tools and presence to my clients as they seek balance and peace within their body and mind, connection with themselves and within their relationships, and grounding in their soul’s purpose.

My wellness practice is solidly grounded in my training as a Public Health Professional (PhD, MPH), Manual Therapist (LMT, RCST), Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP), Health and Nutrition Counselor (HHC), Traumatologist (CT), and Healing Touch Practitioner (HTCP).  I currently have over 1000 hours of training in European osteopathic techniques (Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Visceral and Neural Manipulation), which allows me to work with precision to release restrictions in the body that can trigger acute and chronic pain and have a large impact on one’s health, physical and emotional well-being. I specialize in working with the brain, nerves, organs, vascular and lymphatic systems.           

Through my scientific, intuitive, and spiritual approach to wellness, I am able to provide my clients with a unique perspective that is rarely found in the health care industry.  I assist my clients with strengthening their mind-body connection and empower them to create happy, healthy, and fulfilled lives.  They heal from the inside out.  I work with all ages from birth to death: newborns, children, adolescents, and adults.

I currently offer the following integrated health practices:

*Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

          *Neural and Visceral Manipulation
                *Somatic Experiencing

            *Nutrition and health counseling

            *Stress and trauma release


My areas of expertise include the following:

*Trauma and abuse, including post-traumatic stress (PTSD) 

*Head trauma, including concussions and whiplash

*Chronic pain

*Digestion, including food allergies and intolerances

*Mood: anxiety and depression

                *Parasites and pathogens, including Lyme Disease and co-infections

                *Reproductive health, including fertility

                *Sensory integration

                *Birth trauma

                *End of Life

                *Spiritual development


Emily Siegel, PhD MPH LMT

Complementary Health Practitioner


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